2022 Young Scholars Summer Program

young scholars program logoWhat is the YOUNG SCHOLARS Summer Program?

Glasgow Middle School is now registering students for the YOUNG SCHOLARS summer program! This FREE AND FUN summer experience provides academic enrichment to students with high academic abilities from groups historically underserved in advanced academics. Young Scholars (YS) provides students with high academic potential who are in groups historically underrepresented in advanced academic programs access to academic enrichment, and nurturance and affirmation of strengths and interests.


Eligibility: Current 5th, 6th & 7th grade Young Scholars

Location: Glasgow MS

Cost: FREE

Time: 7:20 - 11:20 a.m.

Dates: Week 1 - July 11-15 | Week 2 - July 18-22 | July 25-29

Meals and transportation are provided!


YS who attend the summer learning program will engage in a PBL unit designed to develop critical and creative thinking, communicating, collaborating, and problem solving skills. Students will work together to learn about a topic and create an innovative product to present to an audience. See this curriculum preview document and this video of what this summer program looks like in action.

Program Foci:

  • Affirm and explore academic identity
  • Provide enrichment opportunities to build on academic strengths to nurture potential
  • Develop positive relationships with other Young Scholars and teachers
  • Strengthen social-emotional and POG skills using AAP curriculum and Project-Based Learning.

Students will engage in enrichment curriculum experiences designed to develop their critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills. Students will work together to learn about a topic and create a product to present to an audience at the end. During the program, students will:

  • THINK and problem solve
  • Build on TALENTS and STRENGTHS
  • MEET other Young Scholars

Have FUN!

Registration is open now!

To register for the program, please complete and return the Commitment Form and Student Information Form or submit a hard copy of the registration form to the main office no later than June 10thYou will be notified if your student has been registered or placed on a waitlist.

Register early - Space is limited!

For questions, please contact Melinda Hedenberg ([email protected]) or Shanice Roddey ([email protected]), the Summer Site Directors.