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January 09, 2018

2018-2019 Course Registration

2018-2019 course registration season is upon us. On January 9, 2018, we will begin the registration process for rising 9th grade students, January 30th for rising 8th grade students, and February 20th for rising 7th grade students. During the academic advising meeting, counselors use student’s grades, teacher recommendations, SOL scores, along with student and parent input to register the student for classes for next school year.

  1. the registration window has closed, a list of the courses that your child is registered for, will go home for your review. The course catalog will be available on the Glasgow and J.E.B. Stuart website in January. If you have questions regarding the registration process, please contact your child’s school counselor.

Semester Change

On January 30th, students will begin their semester 2 classes. You can see your semester 2 classes by using your student and parent SIS accounts. On January 30th, a list of first period classes will be posted on the walls to help students find their classes. If students have a yearlong class during 1st period, or have located their first period class by looking on SIS, students do not need to stop to look at the lists in the hallway.

SIS Parent Accounts, SIS Student Accounts, and FCPS 24-7 ParentView (Blackboard)

Custodial parents/guardians, can send our Student Information Assistant (SIA), Ms. Jackie Baires ( ) an e-mail containing their e-mail address and their child’s name & ID, Ms. Baires will create & e-mail the parent a SIS Parent registration letter. The username/password (generated by following the instructions on the letter) can be used by the parent to access their SIS Parent Account (gradebook) and FCPS 24-7 ParentView (child’s Blackboard courses). Bob Nordling (, can be contacted to provide support for both types of parent accounts (SIS and FCPS 24-7).

SIS Student accounts are available to all middle & high school students who logon using their regular network username (Student ID) and password.

On the main FCPS website ( towards the bottom of the page is a link “Student Information Systems” which provides buttons for both “SIS Parent Account” and “SIS Student Account”. Here is the direct URL to get there: