GlasgowMS Course Registration

Course selection is an exciting time of year at Glasgow Middle School! We love having conversations with students about their strengths, interests and goals so we can help each student select the right courses for the upcoming school year. We encourage students to enroll in the most rigorous course in which they can be successful. Please use this catalog to inform you of important course prerequisites and requirements.

At Glasgow, we are committed to providing the same complex, high-level thinking and skills in all course levels. Honors classes are designed to provide students to opportunity to go deeper into a content area where they have interest and passion. Please be aware that Honors courses require students to complete work independently and on a shorter timeframe than in other courses.

We have found that students are most successful in honors level classes when they are:

  • Comfortable reading grade-level texts
  • Passionate about and especially interested in the subject matter
  • Able to stay motivated when facing a challenge or solving problems
  • Able to work independently
  • Willing to seek help after school, when needed
  • Willing to work outside of school to complete reading and/or coursework

If you have any questions about the course registration process, we are here to help and provide any clarity you may need to make informed decisions about your student’s placement at Glasgow.

Link to online course catalog: