Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Program

Panther principles are kindness, commitment and safety

PBIS Coach

Glasgow’s Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program teaches students the behavior expectations in our school community. Our Panther Principles are Kindness, Commitment and Safety. These are the values we talk about regularly with our students, and we invite you to have similar conversations at home.

Our PBIS Matrix below describes our expectations in more detail and is posted in every classroom in the Glasgow MS building. Use this document at home to talk to students about what matters most at Glasgow and how they can be a Positive Panther!

Glasgow Middle School's Panther Principles
  Kindness Commitment Safety
What It Means

--Consider your impact on others

--Use compassionate language

--Be helpful

--Treat others how you would like to be treated

--Show up on time

--Try, even when it is difficult

--Do your best

--Be present and engaged

--Follow the dress code

--Keep your hands to yourself

--Know and follow procedures

--See something, say something

In Our Classes, We...

--Know and use each others' names

--Actively listen when others speak

--Care for and protect our materials

--Support others when they need help

--Advocate for ourselves

--Bring all materials

--Do what we say we will do

--Take advantage of learning opportunities and resources

--Make learning our focus

--Sit properly in chairs

--Listen to and follow directions

--Keep items in a safe and appropriate area

In the Hall , We...

--Acknowledge when others are speaking to us

--Help others who are lost or have dropped something

--Care for and protect our environment

--Take care of our needs quickly (water, locker, bathroom) and then get to class

--Help others live up to their commitments

--Walk with a purpose

--Use our own locker and keep it private

--Walk on the right

--Are aware of our surroundings

--Are where we are expected to be

In the Café, We...

--Clean up after ourselves and others in all areas of the Café

--Speak kindly to those around us

--Are welcoming

--Make healthy choices

--Finish eating and cleaning in time to get to class

--Separate trash and recycables

--Stay quiet enough to hear instructions

--Take turns and wait in line

--Clean up spills and trash on the floor quickly