Young Scholars

June Young Scholars Spotlight

My name is Amanuel Gebremeskel, and I'm really glad to be part of the Young Scholar program at Glasgow Middle School! I was born in Ethiopia, and my favorite memory of my time in Ethiopia was spending time with my family. When I am outside school, I like to play basketball and tennis, as well as coding. I'm planning to do track and field, tennis, and/or tennis in high school. I like all my classes, but mainly the stem-related classes. When I finish high school, I want to go to a University that has a very good medical program like Johns Hopkins University. My dream is to be in a medicine-related career, like a cardiothoracic surgeon.


May Young Scholars Spotlight

Kimberly Cruz-Cruz is our Young Scholar of the month, for the month of May. Kimberly is an 8th grader here at Glasgow, where she participates in clubs such as Capital One Coders, and Journalism for Glasgow's newspaper the Panther Post.  She takes on many leadership roles throughout this school year. Some things that Kimberly enjoys are, reading mystery books, binging many series, and baking. Some of her favorite classes here at Glasgow are her math and science classes and Journalism! Next year, Kimberly will be attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

A way that Kimberly has represented a Young Scholar is by doing her best at academics, and also partaking in multiple Young Scholar events that have been hosted at Glasgow. She's participated in the Inspire Conference that was held back in the late of 2021, and also has been going to many field trips learning more about science and technology,  allowing for her to explore careers through Young Scholars!



April Young Scholars Spotlight

My name is Juan Corado Najarro, and I am so happy to be a Young Scholar at Glasgow Middle School! I was born in Guatemala, and my favorite memory of my time there was spending time with my family. We had a house in a beautiful field with some cows. When I am not at school, I like to play video games with my friends. I might play basketball or football in high school. My favorite subjects in school are civics and engineering. When I finish high school, I would really like to go to college. My dream is to become a pilot or join the Military.


March Young Scholar Spotlight

Ashley Padilla-Salguero is an 8th grader at Glasgow Middle School. She has been a young scholar since the 4th grade, as a young scholar Ashley also likes to spend her time with family, studying, and playing soccer. When she graduates she wants to attend medical school and wants to join the neurology team at Fairfax Hospital.


February Young Scholar Spotlight

Lisandro Flores is a 6th grade student at Glasgow Middle School. He is identified as a young school and level IV student. As a young scholar, Lisandro participates in AVID, after school program, and virtual tutoring sessions. Lisandro likes to play video games in his spare. When he graduates from high school, he already has plans to go to law school to become an attorney. He believes the young scholars program has helped him to learn about services and understand pathways to his chosen career. 












For more information about GMS Young Scholars program please visit their website.