Kiss & Ride and Late Bus

Kiss & Ride

Kiss & Ride is the name given to the driving lane in front of the main school entrance, Door #1 (between the parking lot and the school building). At the beginning and end of the school day, you may drop off or pick up your child from school without leaving your vehicle.

Drivers are NOT allowed to park or exit their vehicles in the Kiss & Ride lane. Please pull all the way forward so as many students as possible can exit or enter cars at the same time. Please be alert for people using the crosswalk. Please do not pull into the parking lot spaces or parking lot rows.

Additionally, safety is the highest priority at Glasgow, please do not use smart phones while in the Kiss & Ride area!

Late Bus

During most of the school year, FCPS provides a second afternoon bus service – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – to transport students home from school. That’s called "Late Bus". Late Bus service lets many kids participate in after-school academic and extra-curricular opportunities (See: Activities) and still have a safe ride home.

Usually, Late Bus operates between October and early June. Glasgow’s Late Bus routes and stops differ from the regular school-day runs. There are fewer buses and stops – and again, Late Bus does not run every day. Find the Late Bus schedule and routes on Blackboard. 

FCPS School Bus Services

Request for Exception to Ride School Bus