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It is the sole mission of the Glasgow Student Services Program to support the empowerment of students, parents and faculty in the development of a community of learners that address the individual academic, career and social/emotional needs of every student. The holistic approach of the program is directed toward creating students who are life long learners that possess positive habits and personal responsibility moving them toward life long success.
Through collaboration and the use of data, the Glasgow Student Services Team will determine the needs and goals of our professional learning community. Our Team will develop and implement programs and services that advocate for students, their families and teachers in reaching overall academic and personal success within the Glasgow Community while taking ownership and responsibility within our Global Community.

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Lisa Hughes Social Worker 703-813-8661
Crystal Becker Psychologist 703-813-8868


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Student Services Front Desk Number: (703) 813-8740
Student Services Fax Number: (703) 813-8800

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