Saturday School Draws 260 Students, Parents to Glasgow This Weekend

March 10, 2022

This Saturday more than 200 FCPS students and parents are choosing to attend school.

Glasgow Middle School Principal Victor Powell is tapping some of his school’s share of federal pandemic relief funding to host an estimated 260 students and their parents in sessions designed to boost reading, math and social-emotional skills, as well as get students and parents alike inspired to think about college and goal-setting for the future.

The event is funded by some of Glasgow’s share of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief aid, or ESSER III funding – money given to states by the federal government to help address any pandemic-related issues that may be impacting students. Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has been awarded $188.8 million in ESSER III aid, and all schools receive a portion of the funds.

Students will choose between modules designed to boost math, reading and writing strategies and research skills as well as those focused on wellness issues like nutrition, positive thinking and planning for the future. They’ll also enjoy lunch and hear from a keynote speaker, Lynette Henry, who serves as the manager of college success programs in FCPS’s Office of Counseling and College and Career Readiness.

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