Important Health Room Information

Our goal is to ensure that your student enjoys a safe and healthy school year.  To help us achieve our goal, please read the following information carefully.

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including the virus that causes COVID-19 at school, FCPS has developed and updated the Health and Safety Guidance Document for 2022-23 | Fairfax County Public Schools ( for all school staff, parents/guardians, and students to follow in a post-coronavirus environment. These guidelines will be updated again before the start of SY 23-24 and throughout the school year to follow the most current CDC guidance on COVID mitigation. Please review the guidelines periodically to stay up to date with them.

According to the current FCPS guidance on COVID-19:

  • Students demonstrating fever (100.4 or greater) will be sent home from school.  The parent/guardian will be notified and the FCPS Guidance for Student Sent Home with a Fever form will be sent home. 
  • Students demonstrating respiratory symptoms and NO FEVER will return to class as determined by the School Public Health Nurse or School Health Aide based on updated FCHD guidance.

Your school health room services include:

  1. Care of sick and injured students according to the FCPS School Health Emergency Temporary Care Guidelines (Flip Chart).
  2. Administration of medication provided by parents/guardians with proper authorization completed by their health care provider.
  3. Coordination of care for students with chronic health conditions during the school day.
  4. Hearing and vision screening (grades K, 3, 7, 10, new to Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), and those students referred by teachers and parents/guardians).

How can you help your school health room provide the best possible care?

  • Keep your student home when they are sick.
  • Advise the School Health Aide or the Public Health Nurse of any special health concerns.
  • Immediately notify the physical education (PE) teacher if your child has any PE restrictions and provide the PE teacher with a FCPS Physician Referral for Participation in Physical Education form (SS/SE-200) completed by your health care provider.
  • Provide current home, work, and alternate telephone numbers for the Emergency Care Information form.  
  • When medication must be administered during the school day, please follow the guidelines established in the current version of FCPS Regulation 2102:
  1. Complete the FCPS Medication Authorization forms. Please ensure to have your health care provider complete the updated FCPS Authorization for Anaphylaxis Action Plan (SS/SE-64) dated 05/23 for epinephrine or FCPS Authorization for Virginia Asthma Action Plan (SS/SE-65) dated 07/22 for asthma rescue medication. We no longer accept the old version of Inhaler Authorization form or Epinephrine Authorization form.
  2. Provide the school with properly labeled containers (your pharmacist will usually provide an extra container if you request it). Only a 30-day supply of medication should be brought into school at a time.
  3. Medications must be transported to and from school by a parent/guardian; except, with parent/guardian approval, a high school student may carry over-the-counter (OTC) medications to and from the school health room.
  4. Medications must be kept in the school health room or other school-approved location unless approved for the student to carry it during school hours. If a student carries their own medication, a backup may be kept in the school health room.
  5. OTC medications that are pain relievers (for headache, muscle ache, orthodontic pain, or menstrual cramps) may be given as needed throughout the school year with only the parent’s or guardian’s signature on part II of the FCPS Medication Authorization form. No more than 100 pills/tablets of OTC medication should be brought to school at a time (must be in unopened original container/packaging).
  6. OTC medications that are given for other symptoms may be given up to ten consecutive school days with the parent’s or guardian’s signature on the FCPS Medication Authorization form before a health care provider’s authorization is required.
  7. Cough drops and throat lozenges may be carried and used by students in kindergarten through grade 12 as needed throughout the school year, provided that they are in the original container or packaging.  Students must not share cough drops or throat lozenges under any circumstances.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in helping to make this a safe and healthy school year for all FCPS students.