Description of After-school programs

Glasgow Middle School

21st CCLC After-School Program

Descriptions of Activities and Clubs

Reading, Research and G.P.'s

Ms. Sanz

Rm. Library

Students have a controlled monitored computer session to conduct research and help with their homework.

Art Club

Ms. Schneker

Rm.B115 or B120

Students can come to have studio time and work with painting, drawing, sculpture, and other art materials with teacher support. Students work on service learning related art projects.

Coed Basketball

Students with interest in learning the fundamentals of basketball and improving their play, this is the club for you.

Monday-8th Grade Only, Wednesday-7th Grade Only, Thursday-6th Grade Only

Mr. Cauthorn

Club Glasgow

Rm. Café/ Lecture Hall

Various Teachers

Students are able to have free time to talk with friends, play video/board games, and to participate in fun activities. 6th grade is Mondays, 7th graders on Wednesdays, and 8th graders on Thursdays.

Chicas Poderasas

Ms. Duran

Rm. B147A

Female students of Latina decent empower one another to learn new life skills, participate in community service activities, develop character education/leadership skills, and advance in their social development.

Coding Club

Mr. Floyd


Students receive instruction on how to code and apply it to real-world applications.

Cooking Club

Ms. Concaugh

Ms. Massman

Rm. F231/F232

Students will learn how to cook and make delicious food selections in a fun and teamwork environment.

Curiosity Club

Mr. Nordling

Rm. Curiosity Shop

Students solve a wide variety of puzzles, test our games, create things to improve school life and work on interactive wall displays.



Mr. Wesley

Rm. D210

Students will learn how to find hidden objects using GPS coordinates and other techniques.


Girls Talk

Ms. Campbell

Rm. F210

Students will be shown how art and math patterns can be used to make jewelry. Students will apply those practices to be creative to make bracelets using different types of materials.

Gymnastics Club


Aux Gym

Students will learn the proper techniques and the fundamentals of tumbling and gymnastics best practices.

Homework HotSpot

Rm. Café/Lecture Hall

Various Teachers

Students are put together into a controlled study hall group where they can receive homework help, project assistance, and further academic support.

ICan Bike

Week of October 21-25, 2019

Rm. Aux Gym

Program Appoints Staff

The goal of iCan Bike is to teach individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle and become lifelong independent riders.


Ms. McEntyre

Rm. D223

Students use multiple platforms and technologies to explore oceanography, astronomy, meteorology and other STEM-based areas of study.

Jr. Justice Girls Basketball

(Girls 6-8th Grade

(will begin in spring)

Coach Stuecheli (JV Girls Head Coach - Justice High School; 6th Grade HPE Teacher - Glasgow MS)


Students will receive instruction and fundamentals on the principles of basketball from Justice high school coaching staff.

Jr. Justice Boys Basketball

(Boys 6-8th Grade)

(will begin in spring)

Coach Wiley/Coach Bacon ( Boys Basketball Coaches - Justice High School)


Students will receive instruction and fundamentals on the principles of basketball from Justice high school coaching staff.

Jr. Justice Field Hockey

Rm. Outside (Spring)

Coach Vestal

Students will receive instruction and fundamentals on the principles of Field Hockey from Justice high school coaching staff.

Jr. Justice Raider Football

(6-8th Grade)

(will begin in spring)

Coach Haggett

Rm. Outside

Students receive high school football coaching from Jeb Stuart coaches on how to become a successful student-athlete on and off the field.

Jr. Justice Track & Field

(will begin in spring)

Rm. Outside

Justice HS Coaches 

Students receive elite track and field instruction from Justice high school coaching staff and student-athletes.

National Junior Honor Society

Ms. Loeser

Ms. Gray

Rm. F201

The NJHS recognizes outstanding middle-level students. This serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.

Peer to Peer

Ms. Otoyo

Students will be selected to provide academic support to their peers to receive community service hours.

Real Food for Kids Culinary Challenge

Ms. Massman

Rm. F231

Real Food for Kids Culinary Challenge: 2019 Feeding Academic Success provides a way for students to learn & promote healthy eating, encourages teamwork & highlights culinary talents to the wide audience. They are encouraged to create a delicious & appealing school food item with consideration to nutritional balance.

SGA “Student Government Association”

Mr. Perella

Mr. Lines

Rm. B112

The students of the Student Government Association (SGA) learns how to represents student opinions, addressing school needs through targeted programs and maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.

Topflight FC (Soccer) 8th Grade

Rm. Gym/outside

Mr. Horton

Students receive instruction on how to play soccer, compete, and help increase their physical fitness.

Teen Cuisine

Ms. Concaugh

Rm. F231/F232

Students participate in an intensive 7-week cooking class designed to provide nutrition practices to students learning how to cook healthy meals.


Mr. Floyd

Mr. Perella

Rm. B125

Students will work on old laptops to restore them with coding and engineering techniques.

TJ PREP Verbal/Math

(8th graders only)

Ms. Loeser

Rm. F201/F209

Students who already applied to Thomas Jefferson High School receive academic support for Thomas Jefferson’s academic curricula and receive instructions on the admission process to the high school.

Various Sports

Mr. Cauthorn

Rm. Gym

Students are able to play a variety of different sports i.e. (soccer, baseball) in an open gym rotation setting. No team commitment is required.


Voices of Now

(October 21st,)

Program Appoints Staff

Students participate in a drama outlining their storyline. The production is a stage at the famous Arena Stage where the students put on a final production.


Are you interested in getting a head start in high school athletics? Do you want to try something new? If you've heard of rowing and want to see what it's all about, come try out the Glasgow Erg Program. One of Justice HS's rowing coaches will be coming in on Mondays after school from 3:30 to 4:45 to teach the basics of erging, a fundamental part of rowing. The erg machine mimics the action of rowing on water, and is a great way to introduce yourself to the sport.  

Panthers United

The purpose of Panthers United is to provide Glasgow students with a safe, fun, and meaningful place to be after school. Panthers United strives to provide students with information, support and resources that are culturally and linguistically appropriate. Panthers United discusses topics in the following areas: academics, career readiness, social-emotional support (and MANY more!). This club offers students a space to be themselves and have fun!