Description of After-school programs

Glasgow Middle School

 After-School Program

Descriptions of Activities and Clubs

Boolean Girls

Ms. Milsap

Rm. C-114

Boolean Girl is a 501c3 non-profit along with Glasgow MS, has partnered to provide STEM education as an after-school club.  No previous coding experience needed! Staff will  provide lesson plans, training, and support to foster growth for females in STEM.

Builders Club

Ms. Milsap

Rm. C-114

Everyone can code! You don’t have to be a math genius to start having fun creating simple or even complex programs or algorithms with our building models. Are you interested in building robots?  Then join the Builder’s Club!  Learn important pre-engineering skills to prepare you for high school and college!  Join this once popular club at Glasgow to build, code, and learn!  Ms. Millsap is the club sponsor for this activity!

Capital One Coders

Mr. Floyd

Rm. B-125

Students receive instruction on how to code and apply it to real-world applications.

Cooking Club 

Ms. Concaugh

Rm. F-231

Students will learn how to cook and make delicious food selections in a fun virtual environment. Participants will need to purchase own supplies. Please see Google Classroom for updates.

Awesome Blossoms

Ms. Campbell

Rm. E 210-B

Female students will engage in dialogue to promote personal development, increase leadership skills, and support their peers.

G.E.M.S (Glasgow in Engineering, Math and Science)

Hey Glasgow! Are you interested in STEM? Do you want to work with TJ students to do fun experiments and lessons? Come to GEMS on Wednesdays during the academic block to learn more about STEM-related topics. Some of our past lessons include airbags, density, as well as math games.  We also offer homework help in all school subjects. Feel free to stop by and get help in math, science, English, and another language (if we have a tutor available). 


Homework HotSpot

Rm. Cafeteria

Various Teachers

Students are put together into a controlled study hall group where they can receive homework help, project assistance, and further academic support.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a very fun school based organization where schools from all across the United States learn STEM-based subjects, compete and have fun. There are 22 events, with 3 event types: study events, where you have to learn about a topic such as the weather or electricity; lab events, where you have to use different properties of chemicals in a lab setting; and build events, where you build something like a car before the event and run it at the event. Each school gets 2 teams of 15 people, so if enough people are interested, everyone can do 3-4 events with partners. Glasgow hopes to compete in the competitions this year!

Digital Art Club

Ms. Campbell

This club is for beginners to experienced digital artist.  Club members with be exposed and learn about various digital art platforms, share their illustrations and creations digitally, and hear from experts in the field.

Anime Club

Rm. C-137

Goal of the club is for students to share their love of anime with other members. Discuss the latest trends in anime and watch and enjoy anime with fellow club goers. Students will also participate in Anime trivia

Journalism Club

Ms. Grillo

Rm. M-16

In Journalism Club students write a variety of articles that could be found in our online newspaper, the Panther Post. Various jobs include: staff writers, website curators, photographers, researchers, editors and more! This newspaper is to keep students and staff informed about relevant events happening in the world, our community, and on our campus. We will be learning about the writing process, podcasts, interviews, surveys/research, and will be doing broadcast journalism as well! If you love to write, seek truth, and want to share the news with the world, this is the club for you!

Glasgow Identity Club

Ms. Caesar

Rm. E-203

Our mission is to work towards a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Mr. Cauthorn

Rm. Aux Gym

Do you like table tennis? Are you interested in learning? This game improves concentration, hand/eye coordination and provides physical fitness. 


Ms. Duran

Rm. F-251B

In Chicas Poderosas, students will:

  • Empower one another to learn new life skills
  • Participate in Community Service Activities
  • Develop Character education/leadership skills
  • have discussions about family, school and native countries' culture
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Guest Speakers

Arabic Club

Ms. Nafisa/Ms. Manahil

Rm. M-20

Arabic Club's mission it to improve our students' self-confidence and communication regardless of primary language. We promote caring and respecting one another regardless of birthplace. Our activities will include:

  • Learning about Arab countries
  • Games
  • Learning about cooking Arab food
  • Volunteering
  • Learning Arabic calligraphy
  • Arab music appreciation

SGA(Student Government Association)

Ms. Fletcher/Ms. Domenech

Rm. Lecture Hall

Students who participate in SGA will learn how to represent student opinions, addressing school needs through targeted programs and maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.

TJ Academy 

Rm. Library

 Once a month (4th Wednesday) from 2:30 to 4:00 pm from January to April, and the first program will be taking place after school Wednesday, January 26th.

Purpose of Program: I want to help prepare Glasgow students to consider TJ and other STEM interests. Each session I plan to bring a group from TJ of specialized students from different clubs to present different subjects. For example, some of the topics I am considering covering include space, physics, computer science, advanced mathematics, prototyping, and many others.

Desired Outcome: My hope for this program is that more students from Glasgow will be interested in pursuing STEM and as an overall bonus -- TJ H.S.